Why I started a blog


I’ve always wanted to create a blog of my own. However, I don’t know what type of blog I want to share with the world. I’ve been putting it off since college. Now that I’m patiently waiting for some good news that will probably define who I will be in the years to come, I decided to give this blogging thing a shot.

To be honest, creating a blog of my own has been one of my things-I-have-to-do in life (and not just things-I-want-to-do).

I actually have a tumblr account. I created it xx years ago. At that time, I thought I could finally start to fulfill my blogger dreams. LOL. But with all the life distractions and priorities I have to consider, my tumblr account turned out to be another social media site full of random re-blog posts. There was basically no heart and no soul in that tumblr account. Typical teenage girl just going with the flow. But that was before. 🙂

Here I am now, writing my first (serious) blog post. Hoping that this could be the start of something new, something big, something right. Haha! 😀

And if you ask me what I’ll be blogging about…well, it could be anything under the sun. Whatever I feel like sharing with you guys. I hope I’m doing this right and I hope I won’t stop any sooner from updating this online site of mine. So stay tuned for my next blog post!


If there’s something you want to try or do, why not give it a shot? Just like me, I’m giving this blogging thing a shot. Or better, don’t give it just a try, make it happen!

Here’s to me, making it happen! 🙂

♥♥♥ *superhona*




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