There’s a Dory in us

Sharing with you this interesting article. You might want to learn something new today — this one is about long term and short term memory.

Have you ever suffered from trying to remember something important or even something that just happened a few seconds ago? Or have you ever experienced trying to recall what you were supposed to say or get? There are just days that we feel like Dory, from the movie Finding Nemo and Finding Dory. That’s pretty normal. But there are people who suffer from a different kind of memory loss. Others have it worse. So be thankful if your memory up to now doesn’t fail you because we don’t know how often we’ll have that Dory moment (hopefully, our memory power would be as sharp as we get old).

P.S. It’s kinda a long read. But a good one. Enjoy! 🙂

An exclusive excerpt from the new memoir by Christine Hyung-Oak Lee.

via What It’s Like to Lose Your Short-Term Memory — Longreads

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