Baking was never on my mind until my best enemy and partner in life asked me to do it with him. We always make sure we do something new together. 

I was excited with the idea of baking (unicorn/rainbow) cupcakes and doing something fun with him as a couple. Though I admit, I don’t have a sweet tooth! 

My best enemy and partner in life loves sweets so much and I like sour things. So when we made this rainbow cupcake, we made some twist with the recipe by adding lemon flavor (instead of vanilla). 

We decided not to push through with the unicorn design on top because I just really can’t bear how sweet the icing was 😂 and imagine all the butter in it! 

It still looks and tastes good! No biases! Haha! Some of my friends got to taste our little project and I got good comments so far. Yay me! 🙂

If you want some, just let me know. I’ll make one for you (if my schedule permits).

I definitely want to bake again and try other recipes. Don’t be shy. 💖 I need to improve my baking skills anyway. Haha! 

From sour to sweet,

superhona 💖


Baking is no joke! Unless of course you’re a pro. To all the bakers out there, I admire you!  🤗🍭

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