Little Santorini in Batangas

Dreaming of going to Greece or experience Santorini? Well, wait no more for Camp Netanya offers a similar vibe!

Camp Netanya is a luxurious Greek-themed resort and spa situated in the tropical paradise of Anilao, Batangas.

I went here with my friends last March 16, 2017. It wasn’t really a planned outing. My friends wanted to do a “spontaneous” trip. We were searching for a “chill” place to stay so we hopped from one resort to another. When we passed by the blue and white facade of Camp Netanya, Danna and I decided, with no hesitation, that the said resort is “the one”. ♥

Meet the Camp Netanya crew

We walked-in and availed of the day tour rate (walk-ins are actually not accepted, but we were able to do so; haha! and overnight rate is too pricey for us at that time; #budget). We had the pool area all to ourselves until we were about to leave since most of the guests started swimming around 5pm. So yeah, we got toasted under the summer heat but we didn’t mind at all especially Ravz, Yayie, Ernest, and Ian.

This view though! 🙂

I’ll give this place 3 out of 5 . The view and amenities were great. Everything else, not so. I like the interior and exterior look. The place is clean. The landscape is picturesque. It is a great place to take photographs. Every corner is instagram worthy. LOL! (but this is just my impression of the resort)

Pool side area

Another thing I liked here is the staff — they were super nice and accommodating! But the food, it needs a lot of improvement! 😦 We were so hungry when we arrived so we were expecting to eat something good. Sadly, the food wasn’t that tasty for us. But we were still happy we got to eat. Better than nothing right? 🙂

Lunch food that was served to us

They have free use of the kayak but we didn’t bother since we were already having a good time in the pool area.

Hopefully the management will further improve the place. But if you ask me, it is not a place I’ll go back to again. A day tour experience is enough. Overnight stay is also not an option for me (unless you’re a diver, since Anilao is a diving spot area).

I’d rather go and stay in Santorini and get a full experience and vibe of the real thing. 🙂

* For a more detailed review, check this page.



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